Find faith

Middleton St George

START Course

The Start Course is a six session introduction to the Christian faith.  The sessions are interactive, using a mix of clips from the course DVD and discussion activities.   The six weeks include: Life is for living, Oh my God!, Jesus who?, What’s gone wrong?, Dying to save us and Into the arms of love.

Pilgrim Course

Pilgrim takes a different approach to other Christian programmes. It approaches the great issues of faith not through persuasion, but participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion with a group of fellow travellers.

Emmaus Course

The Emmaus Course is a gentle way to introduce people to the Christian faith, and to develop the faith of existing Christians. It takes its roots from the disciples’ encounter with Jesus on the Emmaus road as recorded in Luke Chapter 13.

Whether you are new to the Christian faith, or you already have an established faith, you can join in and be a part of this exciting programme. If you simply want to find out about the Christian faith, without any pressure to commit, that’s fine too.

Lent Course

Lent used to be the time when new Christians, to be baptized on Easter Eve, were taught the Christian faith and life. Those already baptized reviewed and renewed the commitments they’d made. Lent was a time for spring-cleaning lives, as well as homes.

Each year the church runs a course during Lent which all church members are encouraged to join.  We seek to draw closer to God and to one another during a time of reflection and renewal.

Details of all courses are available in our current news sheet.